India Entry Strategy

For foreign firms interested in doing business in India, MCG offers end to end services.

MCG provides a framework for understanding the Indian Regulatory Environment and the options available for structuring a new venture in India; policies, rules and regulations of the Government of India are presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Implications of direct and indirect taxation as applicable to the proposed entity and other laws of the Central and State Governments are included in the report to the client.

MCG assists foreign clients in filling and filing applications to the Government of India or the Reserve Bank of India, as the case may be and assists in the follow-up action.

MCG assists foreign clients in strategic evaluation of select locations based on agreed parameters. Parameters for evaluation will be arrived at based on discussions with the client and a scoring system will be designed by MCG

MCG undertakes market studies & industry analysis - market profile, analysis by segment, evaluation of industry growth, product-market opportunities, competition status & analysis, and technology status.

MCG undertakes financial feasibility analysis of the proposed project for the potential foreign investor.

MCG serves as the ideal gateway for finding the right JV partner in India, in manufacturing, distribution or services. Given our proprietary knowledge and vast database on Indian entrepreneurs and manufacturers, we are well placed to scan, evaluate, and provide a choice of sound partners.