Expanding markets for printed paperboard packaging in India

Posted By R. Eashwar Ramu On

The Indian consumer packaging market was valued at an estimated INR 998 billion in 2019-20 and the consumer paperboard packaging sector comprising printed folded cartons, liquid cartons and composite containers, accounted for about 22% or INR 218 billion (~3.1 billion). Within this, printed folding cartons accounted for 89% followed by liquid cartons and composite containers. (Note: This discussion does not include corrugated cartons which is classified under bulk packaging)

Over the last couple of decades, printed paperboard packaging has evolved into a versatile mode of packaging across several applications, in India. Innovations in better product protection and carton construction, superior printing technologies and improved processing of recycled board are some of the factors that have enabled an increasing adoption of paperboard packaging by brand owners. While the pharmaceutical sector is a major user segment, printed folded cartons plays a key role in preserving and promoting products across all food and non-food products.

Printed Folding Cartons packaging industry in India, 2019-20 (%)

Market Size: INR 194.8 billion

Liquid packaging cartons now ubiquitous in the country; while the major share of liquid packaging is accounted for by milk, milk variants, fruit juices and fruit-based drinks, the usage of liquid cartons has extended to several other product categories including alcoholic beverages. With increasing emphasis on sustainable packaging, composite cans offer an environment friendly packaging medium with attractive graphic designs. Composite cans are also an easy and convenient format for storage and logistics.

The paperboard industry is well developed and major manufacturers of paperboard for printed packaging in India include Century Pulp & Paper, Emami Paper Mills, ITC (PSPD), JK Paper, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers and West Coast Paper Mills. Apart from the domestic market, the Indian paperboard is finding increasing acceptance in export markets.

Some of the major paperboard converters in India are Borkar Packaging, Edelmann India, ITC (PPD), Manipal Technologies, Nebula Home Products, Orient Press, Parksons Packaging, TCPL Packaging, Temple Packaging, Tetra-Pak India and York Print. As the Indian FMCG sector moves up the value chain, the paperboard converters in India are well set to deliver high quality packaging that meets global standards in terms of specifications as well as aesthetics.