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Papers Presented

MCG is professionally involved in several industry associations and actively participates in seminars and conferences. Our consultants regularly present papers on various topics of interest in domestic as well as global niche market conferences. These presentations made by our consultants covering recent market trends across several product markets have received appreciation from the industry.

Industry papers & presentations

  • "World Aluminium Trade Dynamics - Changing contours of global aluminium exports", Metal bulletin, 29th International aluminium conference, Abu Dhabi, September 2014
  • "Communication Promotes Industry Growth", Article by MCG, 2014
  • "The consumer packaging markets in India forecast to grow", Article by MCG, 2014
  • "The aluminium downstream industry in India" Metal Bulletin, Salzburg, 2012
  • "Trends in Aluminium Industry in India", MEED Conference, Dubai, 2012
  • "The Elevator and Escalator Markets in India", IEE Conference, 2012
  • "Recycled Aluminium- Global Trends", MEED Conference, Dubai, 2011
  • "The Global Aluminium Foil markets", REED Conference, Mumbai, 2011
  • "Recycled Aluminium- the Indian market perspective", Metal Bulletin, Krakow, 2010
  • "Recycle or perish", Metal Bulletin, Bahrain, 2010
  • "The Global Aluminium Foil market review", Metal Bulletin, Dusseldorf, 2009
  • "Aluminium Flat Rolled Products in Asia", Metal Bulletin, Mumbai, 2008
  • "The European (EU) market for Aluminium castings", Alucast Conference, Chennai, 2008
  • "Asian demand for Aluminium Flat Rolled Products", Metal Bulletin, Montreal, 2008
  • "Asian market for Aluminium Extrusions", Metalworld, Goa, 2008
  • "Outlook for Aluminium Flat Rolled Products in Asia", Metal Bulletin, Guang Zhou, 2008
  • "Packaging Markets in India", PIRA International Conference, London, 2005
  • "The Indian Food Processing Sector", IACC Seminar, Chennai, 2005
  • "WTO : Implications for the Indian Chemical Industry", Chemvision Conference, Chennai, 2000

Academic & management consultancy papers & presentations

  • "International Market Research in B2B Space", IIT Madras, Chennai, 2014
  • "Changing Cities- Building Economic Opportunities", MCCI Conference, Chennai, 2012
  • "Core Sector Development in South India", MCCI Conference, Chennai, 2011
  • "Traditional Industries & Employment Generation", FICCI Conference, Chennai, 2010
  • "Outsourcing Consultancy Projects: Design Issues", CDC, New Delhi, 2008
  • "Quality in the management of Schools (KJI Initiative)", CII Quality Conference, Bangalore, 2008
  • "India Emerging as a Global Hub of Consulting Profession", IMCI Conference, New Delhi, 2008
  • "Lecture series on Management Consulting", Beijing, Shanghai & Nanjing, 2006
  • "Value proposition in management consultancy", ICMCI Meet, Moscow, 2006
  • "Global Consulting Opportunities & Pre-requisites", International Expo, New Delhi, 2006
  • "Developing Global Professional Standards", IMCI Conference, Mumbai, 2006
  • "Applying the Marketing Concept to the Insurance Industry", series of lectures in Malaysia, 2004
  • "Marketing Challenges for SMEs", MMA Conference, Chennai, India, 2004
  • "India: Investment Destination of the 21st Century", IMC Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, 2004
  • "Competency Framework & CMC Certification", APCMC, Hyderabad, 2003
  • "Branding Strategy for Certified Management Consultants", ICMCI Congress, Istanbul, 2003
  • "Consulting Opportunities in India", IMC Seminars, Singapore & Hong Kong, 2003
  • "Developing the International Management Consultants Day", ICMCI Meet, San Francisco, 2002
  • "Global Competitiveness in Management Consultancy", CDC Conference, New Delhi, 2002
  • "Global Trends in Management Consulting", MMA Conference, Chennai, 2002
  • "The coming e-learning revolution", ICMCI Congress, Melbourne, 2001