Wiring harness industry in India

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Wiring harness is essentially the nervous system in electrical/ electronic circuits and finds varied applications ranging across automotive, consumer durables and other electronic devices. The domestic wiring harness industry has expanded over the recent years backed by the growth of India as a global automotive manufacturing hub. Wiring harness manufacturers work closely with the OEMs to develop harness systems for various vehicle models and variants.The availability of skilled labour at relatively lower costs is a key driver of the growth of wiring harness industry in India and export of wiring harness from India is on a growth trajectory.

Usage of wiring harness varies between automotive segments, models and variants within each model. Typical wiring harness systems used in passenger carsinclude engine compartment, main harness, instrument panel, door, roof, Rear and floor.Considering 2 wheelers, key wiring harness circuits installed include ignition circuit, auto choke circuit, battery charging circuit, horn circuit and brake lamp circuit.

Automotive sector, led by two-wheelers and passenger cars, is the leading end user of wiring harness systems in India.Consumer durables has a small share of the market and there is also considerable demand for wiring harness in the replacement/ after-market.In terms of application, automotive wiring harness market is divided as chassis, heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and sensors.


Key global wiring harness manufacturers include Yazaki Corporation, Sumitomo Electric, Denso Corporation, Leoni Wire, Delphi Automotive, Fujikura, Furukawa Electric, Lear Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co. and SamvardhanaMotherson Group. Motherson Sumi Systems Limited (flagship company of the SamvardhanaMothersonGroup) is the leading player in the wiring harness markets in India with a share of around 56.7% of the market. Yazaki Corporation and Spark Minda are the other leading players. Other noted players include Delphi Connection systems, Dhoot Transmission and Viney Corporation. Japan based Furukawa and Sumitomo have a good presence in the Indian market through partnership with domestic manufacturers.
In a recent development of interest, in Jan 2017, Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd (MSSL) signed an agreement to acquire Finnish wiring harness maker PKC Group Plc. The deal is valued at around INR 41.5 billion. PKC Group is a leading Tier 1 supplier ofwiring harness and associated components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the heavy & medium duty commercial vehicles and locomotive segments across North America, Europe, Brazil and China.